When Do Tooth Fillings Need to Be Replaced?


Tooth fillings are meant to take the place of a damaged tooth that has gone through decay from cavities or rotting. While fillings are a great treatment for teeth in bad shape, they may not last forever because they are not replacing the original tooth. Rather, they act as a way to restore the tooth from the damage that had occurred.

If proper dental care is followed by the person with the fillings, then they may be less likely to need replacements as soon. However, if a person doesn’t maintain a healthy dental routine, then they are more likely to need replacement fillings sooner rather than later.

All dental fillings are different depending on the person and the care given to them. There is not a set amount of time for a filling to last, this will depend solely on the care of the tooth and the surrounding teeth.

When fillings need to be replaced

Signs of decay

Although dental fillings are meant to take care of decay from the natural tooth, the filling itself can also decay over time. The constant wear and tear of chewing and biting can lead to decay on the surface of fillings. Decay may be noticed if there are spots that seem worn down, or if any discomfort occurs. Discomfort could come from the decaying filling which may allow bacteria to get in and underneath it.

It might be difficult to see any signs of decay, so visiting the dentist who can take a closer look will determine whether decay is present.

Cracks or chips

Just like with decay, any signs of cracking or chipping on the filling’s surface can lead to a variety of problems. This is an indicator that the filling needs to be looked at by a dentist and then replaced.

Cracks or chips on the surface of the filling can lead to eventual breakage of the whole filling which could pose a serious choking hazard threat, as well as a lot of discomfort from the actual tooth underneath the filling. Cracks or chips also allow for bacteria or food particles to seep underneath the filling. This may cause rotting of the actual tooth.


When consuming foods or drinks if a person notices either substance going into the filling, then this is another sign that the filling needs to be replaced. The filling may have gotten loose over time from constant chewing or biting. A leak can be dangerous because it could allow for build up of food particles beneath the filling which may lead to erosion or decay of the natural tooth.


Dental fillings can be a blessing to any person that is experiencing decay or erosion of their natural teeth. However, maintaining the fillings after the procedure is just as important because proper care will ensure that they last a long time. Improper care of the fillings may lead to replacement a lot sooner than expected.

If you still have questions or concerns regarding dental fillings and when they need to be replaced, please reach out to us today! We’re happy to assist in any way we can.

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