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Dental Fillings:   Things To Watch Out For

Dental Fillings: 6 Things To Watch Out For

Dental fillings are a quick and convenient way to treat tooth decay or fractured teeth. It only takes one session in a dentist's chair to get a tooth filled. And the session does not take very long; on average, the dentist will take about an hour to fill a tooth.If you think that you need…

Fluoride: Dental Benefits And Sources

Fluoride: Dental Benefits And Sources

Fluoride is needed to rebuild enamel. When combined with the calcium and phosphorous found in saliva, fluoride forms fluorapatite, a building block of tooth enamel. Fluorapatite makes the outer tooth harder, tougher and more resistant to tooth decay.Whenever acid starts to eat away at the enamel, saliva bathes the teeth in a solution of fluoride,…