A Family Dentist Shares Helpful Tips on Teaching a Child to Brush

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Children are often so busy that finding the time and patience to teach them how to brush their teeth can be difficult — but, rest assured — because family dentists work with entire families, they’re able to provide helpful tips to parents on teaching their children to brush their teeth.

A family dentist is a dental professional that works with families, both adults, and children. They typically know a family’s history and are able to provide good and personable care to both the parents and their children, including ways to help parents teach their children to brush their teeth regularly.

In this article, we will discuss a few helpful tips that family dentists give to parents in order to teach their children to brush their teeth. It can be beneficial to know for any parent that is struggling to figure out how to begin the brushing process with their children, or for any parent that has a child who is nearing the brushing phase. 

Helpful tips on teaching a child to brush their teeth

Brush with them!

One of the most helpful and effective tips that a family dentist recommends is that a parent brushes their teeth with their children. This method allows for the parent to demonstrate exactly how the teeth should be brushed as well as make the task itself, more fun. When a child realizes that parents must brush their teeth too, they are more inclined to understand the importance. A brushing lesson is best done by a parent who can show their child how it works!


Family dentists often recommend that visuals are used to help a child learn to brush their teeth. Children tend to respond great to visuals and being able to have something that they can refer back to may increase the likelihood that they’ll understand how brushing works. A parent can use books, videos, photos or anything that might allow the child to see it. Once they see and comprehend the visual, they’re likely to want to try the same thing out.

Take it slow

So many parents are eager to have their children brushing their teeth on their own but it's been said that the most important thing to remember is to take it slow. A child might not understand how to brush on the first try and that’s okay. Several tries can actually be effective because it teaches them the importance of patience and practice.


For the most part, children like to see what’s going on - especially when it’s inside their mouths. When teaching a child how to brush their teeth, having them in front of a mirror or holding one up for them to see what they’re doing may be helpful. Family dentists often use this method for children as well because dental visits can frighten them but being able to see what is going on in the mouth often helps ease any confusion or anxieties. And, the same can be said for when children are learning to brush. Being able to see what they are doing may help them remember how to do it the next time.


Children learning how to brush their teeth can be an exciting and difficult process for parents but it’s important to know that there are so many helpful tips out there to make things easier. Family dentists are also able to provide the best advice on how to teach a child how to brush.

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