4 Dental Procedures Used to Fix Crooked Teeth

Having crooked teeth does not only look unsightly, but it could also have a significantly adverse effect on your oral health. It could, for instance, affect something as basic as biting down on food. Once you begin to bite and chew improperly because of the misalignment brought about by your teeth, further damage down the road is inevitable. At this point, you are also more likely to develop cavities and tooth decay.

It may not happen instantly, but this is almost always the result for many patients with crooked teeth. It is for this reason why you should not ignore crooked teeth, and find a solution to the issue.

Here are four popular orthodontic treatments that can be used to fix crooked teeth.

Fixing crooked teeth

1. Accelerated Orthodontics

This method of straightening teeth has been praised since its inception for a good reason. After all, it can bring about satisfactory results in a relatively short amount of time (as is apparent from its name). Incidentally, it also makes use of braces, which has always been the traditional way to straighten crooked teeth.

There are multiple other ways orthodontists perform this procedure, but the most common is the AcceleDent method. This method utilizes an automatic device that gently pushes the crooked teeth towards the position of your braces. This action makes it possible to get desired results in shorter amounts of time, and the device can be turned on or off anytime.

2. Clear braces

Clear braces like Invisalign make use of transparent aligners. This treatment is considered as a form of accelerated orthodontics as well, but it certainly deserves to be set apart since it works on its own. It uses different aligners that are more comfortable to wear than standard metal braces.

Clear braces have since become the preferred treatment for common alignment problems like spacing, crowding, and overbites. One other advantage that these type of braces have over traditional metal braces is that they can be removed anytime, making eating and cleaning the mouth a lot easier. This aspect practically erases the common issues of food getting stuck in metal braces.

3. Veneers

Veneers, particularly the porcelain variety, are also an excellent way to fix teeth that are out of position. This procedure focuses more on fixing the appearance of the crooked tooth. They are attached to the front of the tooth involved, and these prosthetics can bring about corrections to alignment. Frequently, though, these are only recommended for minor misalignments.

4. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are protective covers that are the same color as natural teeth. They can be attached to fix damaged and crooked teeth. As is the case with veneers, crowns are usually suggested if there is only a slight correction in alignment that should be done to the tooth.

We can help you get straight teeth! 

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